JRKDesign Process


Concept Design




Client Meeting:

The first important step for a new project is to understand what the client has in mind for his     new development: Commercial, Residential, Touristic,  Mixed etc.

For this reason in the first meeting we will be talking with you and asking questions to get a bit of insides about your ideas and your lifestyle. These answers together with your character and attitude will become important directions during the design process.

Land Characteristic and documentation Examination:

We will start by studying all the drawings & documentation you may have at home for example:

  • Cadastral diagram

  • Location plan

  • Orthophoto

  • Title deed

  • Previous building projects



No worries if you don’t have them, we can source it from the Seychelles Planning Authority or Land Registry.

We will then check land dimension, position, and morphology with Seychelles GIS, for all the parcels with difficult access we will use drone technology to acquire pictures and videos from all important angles.


Drone technology will help us to understand better all the strength and weakness of your land and use them to better design your project.

Concept Design

After gathering all the information about the existing conditions and your brief we are now ready to start designing:

We will start with some sketches based on our conversations to give a general shape and order to your building spaces based on your inputs. In the meantime we will create a 3d model of your land (more or less accurate depending if you will provide us with a cad survey) and start placing the development in the best position, considering main view, sun exposition and airflow. After the first draft we will be having a meeting with you and discuss together the project. Normally after 2-3 meeting we will reach the right shape and composition of the building and we will be ready for the next step.


Drawing package for Planning Authority:



After we are all happy about the Concept Design we will start to draft the actual drawing set to submit to Victoria Planning Authority:

Drawing Package Content: Site Plan, All Floor Plans, all elevations, sections, Septk tank/Soak away and bin site details.

After submitting the Project Planning Authority will take up to 6 weeks to come back with a decision:

If positive it means that our project is been Approved;

it could happen that we will be asked for minor changes to the project based on specific explanation. At that point we will make the changes together with the client and submit the changed drawings as substitute to be reevaluated (1-3 weeks).



Planning Permit Approval

After receiving the planning approval the first contract with JRKdesign will be finalized.

We will then meet again to discuss how you would like to proceed for the construction phase. Every client has a different approach on how it will build:

Option 1

Contractor will take over and JRKdesign will just oversee the building when and if called by the client.


JRKdesign will follow the site and his builder to assure the good resolution of the building.



JRKdesign will produce a construction drawing set increasing the project details before hand them over to the building company. With this new set of drawing the client will be secure from any kind of misunderstanding with the builder even without our supervision, because the drawing will tell the builder how to construct the all building without blank spots.

For any other information and questions please refer to our contacts